Lifelike. Natural

Even today, not everybody is automatically gifted with beautiful teeth! Aesthetic dentistry, however, offers virtually unlimited possibilities of correction and treatment. Even minor interventions often achieve major effects.

Composite – enhanced resilience with pleasing results

For some time we have been using composite fillings to correct defective or damaged teeth at the front or side of patients’ mouths. This especially hard plastic ceramic has proven invaluable particularly for fillings and aesthetic tooth restorations. Thanks to Composite, repairs are virtually invisible – and the natural tooth remains safely in place.

Your best guarantee for a dazzling smile

Composite is highly versatile and well tolerated by the body. We work exclusively with the high-quality material supplied by the renowned manufacturer 3M Espe. That company’s products guarantee long-life and durability as well as splendid optical effects – so that you feel at ease!

Veneers – for optimum results

These wafer-thin ceramic shells can be permanently «cemented» to the visible surfaces (particularly front teeth). They can also be used to almost perfectly correct colour variation, small gaps, or crooked teeth. This very demanding procedure demands a comprehensive pre-examination so that the optimum solution is found. We will be pleased to provide more information.