What is laser?

Laser is bundled, energy-rich light. The various types of laser are differentiated according to the frequency of the light waves. Laser can be used to remove soft and hard tissue.

Laser in modern dentistry

Thanks to modern dental laser systems, minor surgical interventions can be carried out with high precision and minimum discomfort. Laser can be used to decontaminate and sterilize tissue, with soft-laser being applied to gently stimulate the body’s self-healing powers. Such properties make laser an important resource in modern dentistry and many other fields besides.

Laser in periodontics

Our practice is equipped with a variable diode dental laser of the latest generation. In periodontal therapy this device is employed for the gentle treatment of inflected gingival pockets. Laser is able to completely remove bacteria from the pocket, rendering antibiotic drugs superfluous. A further advantage: laser makes it possible to selectively treat infected structures without affecting healthy tissue. Slight discomfort, at most, is experienced in the period after gum treatment with laser.

Laser for treating mouth ulcers and herpes

Our experience with laser treatment of mouth ulcers (aphtae) and herpes is highly positive. Following laser treatment, ulcers and herpes sores heal considerably faster. And relief from pain comes very fast.