The path to sustained dental health

Tooth decay and periodontitis are infectious diseases caused by bacteria. Such problems can be avoided with the help of a professional programme of systematic, pain-free preventive dental care.

Professional teeth cleaning achieves long-lasting effects

The professional cleaning of teeth is a crucial component in any programme of individual preventive care. Such cleaning can be carried out only in the practice, where our qualified prophylaxis specialists intensively clean your teeth, in the process removing even the most stubborn plaque and tartar. Following that, your teeth are thoroughly polished, leaving your mouth feeling fresher than ever before. And during the weeks that follow you enjoy optimum protection from harmful bacteria, tooth decay and gum disease. The treatment further includes the application of fluoride varnish as well as fissure sealants to the chewing surfaces of your back teeth, making your teeth considerably more resistant to decay.

The best way to keep your own teeth

Dental health is a priceless asset. The more responsibly and consistently you participate in preventive care by means of regular prophylactics, the greater your chances of avoiding tooth decay and gum disease. So why not participate in professional prevention – the best long-term alternative to dentures!